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Fusion Biopsy For Prostate

“Our team is the only one to use this system of advanced Fusion Biopsy for prostate in Northern Greece to achieve the absolute precision of your diagnosis and treatment.”

Diagnosis of prostate cancer is the first step in treating a problem involving more and more men. The BIOPSEE prostate biopsy system with fusion technology allows, in conjunction with MRI, to diagnose prostate cancer with absolute precision.

The fusion of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and cortical ultrasound imaging, along with electromagnetic needle guidance, leave no room for incorrect or inadequate diagnosis.

Our team uses this advanced biopsy system to achieve the absolute precision of your diagnosis and treatment.

It is the only one that uses real fusion technology and not cognitive fusion which is significantly lagging behind in the literature on the diagnosis rates of clinically significant cancers.

Fusion biopsy to detect prostate cancer

With expertise, specialization and respect, the U4U urology team provides specialized diagnostic services to achieve absolute accuracy in your diagnosis and treatment.

The most advanced Biopsy for detecting prostate cancer

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