Specialized Oncologic Urology Services

Urological oncology is a subspecialty of urology targeted at cancer patients in one of the organs of the urinary and genital tract.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with oncology patients stemming from their previous hospital experience in urology clinics specializing in oncology. The team approaches each patient based on the specificity of their problem and always gives personalized treatment options based on the latest developments in urological oncology, pathological oncology and radiotherapy oncology. Collaboration with the best oncologists and radiotherapists through oncology councils provides patients with the appropriate treatment for their condition.

For every patient who needs our services

With expertise, specialization and respect for patients, the U4U urology team provides services for all ages experiencing problems such as:

Καρκίνο του Προστάτη

Καρκίνο Ουροδόχου Κύστης

Καρκίνο Νεφρών

Καρκίνο Νεφρικής Πυέλου / Ουρητήρων

Καρκίνο Όρχεων

Καρκίνο των έξω γεννητικών οργάνων

Καρκίνο Επινεφριδίων

U4U means Knowledge, Experience, Specialization

Each doctor added to the U4U team is already a top specialist in his field.

But as medical research and technology evolve, it is necessary to constantly train all of our doctors on developments and new technologies.

At U4U, we are investing in training and specializing all of our associates for even better

services to you, our patients.

Επιστημονικός Υπεύθυνος