I live in Xanthi, I am 66 years old and 1 year ago I had a serious urological problem in the bladder. After successful treatment at an early stage (Xanthi) and after the passing of about 9 months, there was an unexpected serious complication that needed operating on immediately because I was in grave danger.

Without any reluctance and after I collected information, I decided on the procedure with the robotic method, relying on this new technology and the excellent skill and experience of Dr Andreas Andreou (Interbalkan).

Although the operation was serious and it lasted 8 hours, it was painless, bloodless, safe and with a short recuperation time.

Finally, I thank again Dr Andreou and his team, I wish them to be always well and to heal or even save lives of fellow humans.


69 years old, Radical cystectomy, 16.03.2013