My name is V. A. and I am 71 years old. Five months ago a gynaecologist diagnosed me with a bladder hernia and prolapse of the bladder into the vagina. I consulted Urologist surgeon Dr Andreas Andreou, an expert in this type of conditions.

Dr Andreou operated on me bloodlessly and painlessly with the method of ‘Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy’. I stayed in the clinic only one night and the next day I returned home. I felt no pain whatsoever. From the moment I went into surgery until I left, there was no pain at all, no discomfort, complication or incontinence. I was fully restored. Returning home there was no need to stay in bed.

I returned to my home life and daily activities smoothly. By now the bladder functions normally, it has returned to its natural position and most important of all, I do not suffer from incontinence.

I would like to underline that my case presented additional difficulties because a few years earlier my uterus had been removed.

“Dr A. Andreou gave me health and quality of life. I feel gratitude towards the doctor, I trust him blindly and I recommend him unequivocally to anyone asking for my opinion.”


71 years old, Cystocele, 24.04.2017