After a prostate biopsy, prostate adenocarcinoma was detected.

I have addressed and discussed with many fellow physicians both in Thessaloniki and Athens and have been fully informed of all the forms of treatment, their effects, their advantages and their undesirable complications.

Finally I decided to undergo robotic total prostatectomy by the excellent Urologist Dr. Athanasios Becko, who was the surgeon-urologist who inspired my utmost confidence.

I was really right because the surgery was over at 11 am and I got up in the afternoon from the bed and walked, and the next afternoon I went to my house.

The postoperative course was very smooth, I felt no pain or no other symptom. After removal of the catheter there was urinary incontinence, which was largely corrected after two months.

Thank you, Dr. Urologist. Athanasios Beco for the attention and responsibility he has shown both in robotic surgery and in my postoperative course.


Robotic Radical Prostatectomy , 10.11.2017