Th. F.

Dear Mr. Andreou,

Ten days after the extremely successful surgical procedure I had at the Interbalkan, I consider it a moral obligation to offer to you through this message my personal thanks for the high level of scientific but also humane support-ministration you offered to me.

Everything went exemplarily well during my two-day stay in the clinic!!!

I wish you from the bottom of my heart Health and Success in your work.

Kind regards

I would like to underline that my case presented additional difficulties because a few years earlier my uterus had been removed.

Dr A. Andreou gave me health and quality of life. I feel gratitude towards the doctor, I trust him blindly and I recommend him unequivocally to anyone asking for my opinion.”

Th. F.

62 years old, Prostate hyperplasia, Transurethral prostatectomy TURis, 10.02.2017