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With this letter, I would like to personally thank Urologist surgeon Mr. Andreas Andreou but also his colleagues for the successful surgery of radical prostatectomy he performed on me. The procedure was carried out with the use of the Da Vinci robotic system and I believe the results are excellent.

Specifically, after a biopsy about three months ago I was diagnosed with a prostate malignancy. The operation was decided upon immediately. I was admitted in the Interbalkan Medical Centre one day and…my discharge? The next afternoon. It goes without saying I felt no particular discomfort after the surgery and I drove myself home. The only difficulty in my mobility was the urine bag attached to my thigh for a few days.

I would also like to mention that from the first day that the urine bag was removed I did not have the slightest incontinence.

A second matter I discussed with my doctor is that of my erection. As I am 52 years old I told him to be especially careful with the erectile nerves. Of course the doctor was aware of it anyway, but I was particularly worried about it. The result? I had an erection already from the third day and in fact I was trying to calm it down because the urine bag had not been removed yet.

After this event and about 10 days after the day of the surgery, the doctor recommended an augmentative therapy. I would like to say that 15 days after surgery I had my first sexual contact.

Today, about three months later, I can say I enjoy a normal sex life. I have not lost my virility in quantity but most importantly, in quality.

For all these reasons I write this letter, strongly recommending to future prostate cancer patients to not delay. To make sure they save their lives by having this surgical method.

I believe Mr. Andreas Andreou but also his colleagues are at the forefront of robotic surgery.

Once again I thank you for what you did for me.

Yours truly


52 years old, Prostate cancer, Robotic radical prostatectomy, 10.10.2015