Robotic Prostatectomy

The radical prostatectomy is the treatment of choice for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. The operation can be performed with classic open laparoscopic surgery and using the Da Vinci robotic system to remove the prostate, spermatic cysts, the prostatic urethra and the superficial lymph nodes.The process is called robotic prostatectomy.

The application of the Da Vinci robotic surgery system for radical prostatectomy has impressive results for the treatment of patients suffering from localized prostate cancer versus open surgery but also laparoscopic surgery. It is a radical oncology operation aimed at curing patients suffering from localized prostate cancer with minimal access (surgical incision) and the ability to radically remove the diseased organ by minimizing damage to adjacent structures.

The immediate effects of robotic prostatectomy are:

  • minor bleeding
  • blood transfusions are rarely required
  • shorter hospital stay of 1 day versus 7 days in open surgery
  • faster return to normal activities (15 days versus 2 months)

But the most important are the functional effects:

  • the zero stenosis rate of theoretical anastomosis compared to 6 to 80% in open surgery
  • better incontinence rates > 91% full restraint at 1.5 months compared to 60% at 6 months for open surgery
  • Satisfactory erectile function in 60 – 95% of cases depending on the center compared to 10 – 60% in open surgery
robotic prostatectomy

The U4U Urology team is specialized in robotic prostatectomy and has performed the largest number of radical prostatectomy surgeries in the last five years compared to any public or private hospital in Northern Greece. The accumulated experience of hundreds of cases of patients who have been operated on laparoscopically or robotically is a guarantee of excellent results without complications.